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A monthly subscription that gives you access to my painting and sketching tutorial videos, technical tips articles and references for watercolor and ink on location. Each month I'll post a new video which could be a real-time demonstration or a in-depth look at one aspect of painting. By the end you should feel confident venturing out and painting freely.

My course is hosted on Patreon.

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  • Watercolor & Painting Techniques

    Essential watercolor techniques including color theory, brush work and creating rich textures. You'll also learn how to paint on-location.

  • Expressive Sketching

    Learn to draw from observation both loosely and effetively in ink and pencil. Practice interpreting scenes in your own way.

  • Tools & Equipment

    I'll walk you through my favourite brushes, pens and paints including how to use them and common troubleshooting tips.

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What's included each month?

One new full-length tutorial video of sketching and painting on a particular topic each month

Two 'Technical Tips' articles each month covering challenging topic including equipment, resources and tips for on-location work

Personalized feedback from me on your paintings/creations

Full access to all painting demonstration videos including equipment list and palette

A community of like-minded artists and creatives to share your work with⁠

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My course is hosted on Patreon where you can sign up to immediately access all content and start learning.

$12.00 / €11.00 per month

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