About me

I’m an artist, painter and illustrator who uses watercolor and ink to tell stories from around the world.

I came to art later in life after a career living and working internationally for non-profits where my free time would be spent sketching, doodling and painting. I took the plunge several years ago and decided to make a life out of illustration and have never looked back.

I’m really interested in using painting as a documentary tool to help look at different aspects of society; urban living, migration and climate change. I love doing on-location work, so most of my paintings are completed on street corners, next to rice paddies or on mountain tops.

Over the years I’ve painted everywhere from Lebanese villages, the Nepalese Himalayas to the jungles of Myanmar.

A lot of my work is still with non-profits and I’ve helped them to illustrate their work, whether that's education resources in refugee camps, illustrating human rights interviews or simply adding visual texture to a report. 

Check out my portfolio here for a closer look into my project-based work.